Fangirlish thoughts on Empire of Storms (Spoiler-free)

Hello lovely people of the internet!

So, I am writing this post literally just having finished Empire of Storms and I think I am in shock. I wanted to write this straight away so that maybe I could make sense of all the thoughts that are swirling around in my head, but I don’t think that’s going to happen because all my thoughts have sort of gone into this weird-comatose- book hangover frenzy, so instead I’m just going to give you all my completely fangirl infused ‘can’t quite cope but I’m trying anyway’ thoughts, since they’re the only ones I can muster.

2016-10-22 03.15.12 1.jpg

(I will at a later date probably post a spoilery post and maybe a review that makes more sense but for the moment I figure anyone reading this speaks fangirl right?) (Also I actually wrote this whole post a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post it so here it is now!)


-Don’t read this book!!!!! Wait until the day before book 6 comes out so that you can read it and find out what happens next and not have to deal with a year of heartbreak and spiraling into crazy fangirl mode.


-If you do read it though you are brave and a warrior fit for the court of Terrasen


-But seriously, apart from the heartbreak and the awful cliffhanger (Sarah has a knack for those) this book is FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!!!!! Seriously, it’s amazing and I love it to pieces and Sarah’s writing just keeps getting better and better.


-This book is a monster but every page is amazing so it can be forgiven for weighing the same as an army of Valg.




-Rowaelin guys. Just… Rowaelin. So many moments.




-The whole gang is just there, and being badass, and together and just…YAY!!! *Does happy dance because they are all with each other to make sarcastic comments and fight side by side*


-Elide is such a badass, why did I not think that in the last book?


-I want turquoise eyes with a gold rim around the core!!!


-Why does Abraxos just remind me of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon more and more each second?


-Laughs at all the men because they have no hope in hell of having an opinion when there are so many independent women in the group.


-So many amazing magically battle scenes!


-All the lose threads are coming together!!!!!


-I feel like a whole other inner circle has been formed.


-So steamy!


-If you haven’t read Assassin’s Blade you have to because so many things come back from the novellas that you need to know.






-BTW none of these thoughts are in order of the book at all they are just randomly coming out of me like word vomit that I can’t control


-Starts reading slower and slower so it doesn’t end


-Counts the days till next book when it does end.


-Cries in corner using the pages as tissues when realizing how long the wait will be for book 6.


-Wants to buy several puppies or maybe babies so I can name them all after my favorite characters.


-Lysandra is just a queen and needs to have a crest that changes as well, depending on what she is shifting into.


-Where’s Chaol?


-Aelin you sneaky little thing you.


-Laughs at Manon trying to not feel anything when she is failing miserably.


-Dies a dramatic death so maybe I can rattle the stars and have the next book in my hands.


-I.Am.Dead. I’m Alive. But I’m dead.


-Curses the people that thought having multiple books in a series was a good idea. Can’t we just have all six books combined into one big book the size of the bible so we don’t have to wait every year???


-Senses book hangover of the year coming on.


-Goes onto pinterest and finds all the fan art and quote art.


-Why are these books so torturously perfect? WHY????!!!!


-Aelin, I love you and you are my role model.


-Sobs and sobs because of the thing that happens that tears at my heart.


-Hates the evil person I should probably hate less than the other person but I can’t because this one is actually eviler.


Okay, I think I’ve got it out of my system. For now…


Have you read Empire of Storms? Let me know so we can fangirl!!!!



6 thoughts on “Fangirlish thoughts on Empire of Storms (Spoiler-free)

    1. I know! It was so friggin good and the ending was torturous but still amazing and the whole book was just magic! I think i’m still speechless and it’s been about a month. I think i’ll be speechless until the next book. And then i’ll be speechless at the end of that one!


  1. Lol I was sooooo excited to read this book, but then I wish I hadn’t heard of the series yet and I could just read them all in one sitting when the 6th book comes out so I wouldn’t have to endure the heartbreak! I totally relate your experience 🙂


    1. YES! That would be amazing to just forget and just read them all at once when book 6 comes out so we didn’t have to have all the torture of waiting for answers!!! Maybe my heart would be whole if that happened!

      Liked by 1 person

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