November Favourites


I had a lot of favourites in November that i sort of made note of through the month so here are a few of them. Given that December is Christmas i will probably be doing a December favourites as well given how many amazing Christmassy things come out in December!


It’s Way Past My Bedtime YouTube Channel- Carrie Hope Fletcher

This month I discovered Carrie Hope Fletcher’s YouTube channel and it’s great. I love her little chats and random vlogging, especially since I love musicals and it’s really cool seeing the behind the scenes of the ones she is performing in. She is also the person I would get to play in the movie of my life because she is one of the people I have found who has the closest hair and body to me.


The 100 TV Show

This month I really got into The 100 and I’ve nearly finished season 2. Bellamy is just amazing and that’s basically why I watch it. Also, the concept is really unique and awesome and it’s on Netflix which makes it perfect for binging.


Jane the Virgin Season 3

I think the new season of Jane actually started up in October but either way I’ve been so obsessed with it this month and it makes me so happy that it’s back again. What doesn’t make me happy is that after episode 7 I have to wait until January to watch it again.


Nutribullet Smoothies

Since I have trouble eating much at the moment with illness I’ve been really getting into having smoothies in the morning. There are so many combinations to try that are actually healthy and they are easier to drink and digest than other meals. Plus it feels like I’m being healthy and I’m getting a lot of nutrients from them.

2016-11-17 11.11.03 1.jpg

Baker’s Delight Fruit Mince Pies

This will probably be on my favourites next month as well, but every year I know it’s Christmas when Baker’s Delight bring out their fruit mince pies. These are my favourite fruit mince pies to eat, all the other shops just don’t compare to these ones for me. I’ve already indulged in quite a few in November and I will most likely do so in December. Christmas in general has also been one of my favourite things to plan in November and I’m sure I’m going to get even more obsessed in December (I’m such a Christmas fan if you can’t tell).



I’m still very new to the blogging world but this month I’ve been slowly mastering different aspects of the WordPress site and app. One day I’ll be an absolute pro, but for the moment I’ll take the small victories when something actually works the way I want it to.


Six of Crows

I finally got around to reading Six of Crows in November and I don’t know why it took me so long because it was AMAZING! I’m so obsessed now and I really want to read Crooked Kingdom but that might have to wait for a bit until I can buy the book. I was reading Six of Crows so fast I forgot to write notes so a review may or may not happen but let me just say that if you haven’t read it you NEED to!


Given that I can’t really get out much to the shops I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping and Asos is currently one of my favourite places. They have great clothes and gifts and the shipping to Australia is really fast. I’ve already knocked off a lot of Christmas shopping which I’m really happy about.

Those were my favourites for the month of November. I will also be putting my November Wrap-Up up soon (even though i know it’s already December and i’m running a bit late!). What did you really really love in November? 


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