The Problems that Bookworms have at Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Like seriously, I’m obsessed, I get a huge Christmas tree that smells like heaven and I’m baking and planning and wrapping non-stop. As a book lover though I have a few problems at Christmas time.

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Deciding what to read

Deciding what to read over the Christmas period can be really hard. In Australia, it’s summer time and I am on my summer break so there are so many different books that I could be reading. Do I choose a summery book to read and make the most of the season, or a Christmas themed book to get me even more into the holiday? Or do I go with the genre that my heart is telling me to, like a good fantasy or dystopian novel (ACOMAF reread anyone?)

It’s a very serious issue having to decide what to read over Christmas, and one that cannot be taken lightly.


Trusting People to buy you books

Christmas is the perfect time to ask people for books that you have been dying to read and knock a few of them off your to be bought list. Because really, there is nothing else I want for Christmas other than books. However, this can be extremely difficult sometimes.

This is because I have trouble placing my trust in people to buy me the right copy of a book. What if they buy an edition that doesn’t match the other books in the series? O what if they buy a copy with an ugly cover? Or if they buy one that is a different size to the other books in the series. And writing a seriously detailed list on the exact copies you want sounds a bit picky so I tend not to do it, but I am really really precious about how my books look, so often my list of books is limited to stand alones or books I know there is only one edition of!


Buying Bookish Merch

The only thing I tend to want other than books is bookish merchandise. But this can be REALLY hard to source if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Sending a family member in the direction of etsy so they can possibly find that Rhysand candle you’ve been drooling over is not exactly easy. But, at the end of the day, Christmas is really not about the presents, but the presence of your loved ones, both fictional and real.


Spending time with family

Since I’m on my really long break during the summer, I tend to want to read as many books as I can. But, since Christmas takes up such a big chunk of the holidays I also want to spend as much time with my family as possible. So dividing my time between family and having to read the next chapter to find out what happens can be tricky sometimes. I suggest planning very carefully so you can make the most of the break and the holiday.


Are there any other things that you find tricky as a bookworm at Christmas? Let me know in the comments and I hope you are all having a wonderful happy lead up to Christmas with your family and friends.



2 thoughts on “The Problems that Bookworms have at Christmas

  1. I read a ridiculous amount around this time of year! I’m in Aus as well, and it’s partly because I like relaxing outside in the nice weather, but also because I actually find Xmas to be quite draining (sad I know, I used to love it). Reading for me this time of year is my coping mechanism 😛 I rarely read Christmas themed books during the actual holiday haha and read them after!


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