Top 5 Wednesday December 21st- Fictional Items I’d Give as Gifts

It’s that time of the week again Top Five Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes and If you want to join in checkout the Goodreads page! This week’s theme is fictional items I’d give as gifts and although i originally thought it would be hard to think of five prompts for this weeks i ended up having too many ideas and i was very excited by the end! Also, I’m sorry I haven’t posted since last Wednesday, life has been very hectic preparing for Christmas but i’m hoping I’ll have some time this week to post.


Feyre and Rhysand’s Disappearing Communication paper- ACOMAF

I would absolutely love love love to have some of this magical paper to communicate with my friends and family. It would be so much fun writing on it and watching it disappear to the other side of the world, only to reppear moments later with more writing on it. I can see myself having so much fun with my friends using this, sort of like old fashioned magical texting without using data up! It would be amazing using this to communicate with my loved ones and I think they would love it too!


Inej’s Rubber Soled Leather Slippers- Six of Crows

I used to do dance and these sort of remind me of the super duper comfortable leather dance shoes that I wore. But better. I have a friend that is always jumping and climbing on things so these would be perfect for her to wear but to be honest they just sound SO comfy so I’d probably give them to everyone I know (as well as keep a pair for myself). I hope there is a fabricator available for mass production of these shoes. Perhaps they’d make the wearer feel super wrath like and unstoppable too. I hope so…


Tessa’s Clockwork Angel necklace- The Infernal Devices

This necklace has always fascinated me and I think it would make such an awesome quirky gift! I love how comforting the ticking would be, and the fact that it seemed to protect her. It would also be especially awesome if the angel came out for a chat every now and then.


A Deluminator- The Harry Potter series.

I think practically any person in the world would want one of these, even if they didn’t know what Harry Potter was. I think it would be so useful for camping and spying (sort of like a portable light switch), but I also think it would be heaps of fun for playing with and pulling pranks on people. It also looks gorgeous and could be displayed on a shelf and is travel sized for convenience! It also does that weird leading thing with Ron which could be useful, and I’m sure it has other tricks and functions which you could discover over time.


Kell’s Coat- A Darker Shade of Magic

I only finished A Darker Shade of Magic two days ago, but I instantly fell in love with Kell’s multisided inside out magical coat. It’s amazing. And I want one. Plus I know about a thousand people who would love one as well. Especially women, because despite men getting more pockets in their clothing, we all know that females have an obsession with pockets. Especially magical coats with never ending pockets.


That was my list for this week’s super fun Top 5 Wednesday? What fictional items would you give to your friends and family? Are there any awesome ones i’ve forgotten about? 


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