December Favourites

Okay, so I know December isn’t officially over yet but I thought I would get in early with my monthly favorites as there are a few posts that I want to get up in the next couple of days, so this one has to be a bit early. There were HEAPS of things that excited me this December, which isn’t a surprise as it’s my favorite month of the year. This list is quite long which I apologize for but I did narrow it down, I promise.





I’ve gotten so hooked on Outlander this month it’s unreal. After watching Sasha Alsberg talk about it for a couple of years I finally caved and binge watched the whole first season on Netflix in about 3 days. I’m currently working my way through the second season, but unfortunately it’s taking a bit longer because of all the Christmassy stuff I’ve been doing. This show is amazing and although the hot Scottish men and accents are lovely, I’m actually really enjoying the history side of it because it’s given me something that I’m going to do some researching into further to see what is fact and fiction when it comes to the Scottish rebellion (because unfortunately Claire and Jamie weren’t actually there to try and change fate). I will at some point read the books but for the moment I’m just really enjoying the TV show with it’s great cast, plot and scenery.


Brooklyn 99

This show is so weird and wonderful and has been one of my go tos for when I’m tired and want to watch something but can’t really concentrate that much. It’s SO funny and I’m not really sure what the point of it is but it’s amazing and the episodes are short so I feel productive when I get through heaps of them in one day!


Finding Dory

I only watched this for the first time this month but it was so friggin cute!!!! I cried several times, but the humor was just as great as the first movie and it brought back so many memories from my childhood as I really was the Finding Nemo generation. The plotline and ending was awesome, especially getting to see where a lot of Dory’s traits and sayings come from and more of her background. I loved revisiting the old characters but also the new ones who were just as funny and awesome (especially Hank, I feel like we would be friends). I loved seeing Ellen as Dory again and I’m going to be rewatching this a lot I suspect.



I’m going to have to do some catching up for Vlogmas because I’ve been following a couple and haven’t been able to watch them all but I absolutely love Vlogmas. I love when people vlog anyway because it’s so calming watching people’s everyday lives but Vlogmas is just so exciting and fun because it means that Christmas is coming and get’s me even more into the festive spirit. I’ve been watching Carrie Hope Fletcher, Tanya Burr and Zoella, but I may be picking up a few more to catch up on over my summer break.



Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 10.48.07 pm.png

Christmas Trees

I love everything about Christmas Trees. The smell, the lights, the decorations, the tradition. It just makes me all so happy. We get a real, very tall tree every year and it gets me so excited when my dad goes and picks it up and then house suddenly smells like Christmas when it comes through the door. I love putting all my favourite decorations on the tree with my parents that have memories behind them, then standing back and admiring our work with the lights twinkling and Christmas tunes playing in the background.


Present Buying and Wrapping

I love buying presents for people and I find wrapping really calming and fun so this month has been full of both these things because of Christmas! I love choosing the perfect present for someone and then wrapping it so it matches the other presents under the tree!

 Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 10.35.05 pm.png

Advent Calendars

My family and I have a wooden advent calendar that has little boxes and decorations inside them that we fill with chocolate every year that I absolutely love! This year however my mum got me one I can open in the morning by myself when I wake up, as well as a Cadbury’s one, a Finding Dory one (with foil inside!), a Trolli one and a beauty one. We also did an advent treasure hunt inspired by Zoe Sugg’s one from last year’s Vlogmas, and we had so much fun buying the little presents for each other, making up clues and hiding/finding them depending on who’s day it was. (it’s lucky there are 3 of us and 3 divides into 24 so we got even days!). We really did go a bit all out with 7 calendars in total but it was super fun and we deserved it as we’ve had a bit of a tough year and Christmas is our favorite season!




Bundaberg Ginger beer

My holiday drink of choice has been the Bundaberg ginger beer as it’s not too fizzy which I like and the taste is really nice. The bottles are good sizes and the gingery aspect helps with the nausea that I get with eating at the moment.


Christmas Chocolates

I don’t know why. But for some reason regular chocolates taste better when shaped and colored for Christmas. It’s a fact. Like M&Ms. I love them anyway, but at Christmas time when the red and green ones come out, I get really excited because they taste 1000 times better and look amazing. I also love the ones that only come out at Christmas, like Cadbury Magic Elves, and chocolate coins. Except these ones I savor a bit more because unlike M&Ms, I can’t get them the whole year round.


Bakewell tarts

I’ve been really loving these as well as fruit mince pies this month and I’m going to try making my own at some point. I love the marzipan/almondy sweet taste and they are the perfect size to have as a Christmas snack (which I did quite a lot!)




Nyx Lip Cream

I’ve been in need of some more neutral lipsticks for awhile so this month I bought myself a Nyx Lip Cream in Stockholm which one of my friends said was quite good. I love the colour and the matte feel is really nice, although it isn’t as long lasting as some lipsticks. I’ve used it heaps this month and I’ll probably be looking into Nyx a bit more over the summer and try a few of their other shades and types of lipsticks.


A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

This was the first time i’ve read any of Victoria’s books but I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to read her other series and continue this series. The world building was amazing and the characters were awesome; especially their clothing!!!


Again, I apologize for the fact that this post is really long but I hope you enjoyed reading me ramble about my December favourites. It is late as I’m typing this and I tend to ramble even more when I’m tired so I am really really sorry. I will give you a balloon and a piece of cake though for sticking until the end!




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