My 2017 blogging and reading goals (a sort of belated T5W post!)


Hello lovely people of the internet! Happy 2017 If I haven’t already said it. I know that I missed last week’s Top 5 Wednesday which was all about goals, but I decided I would still do it anyway since I was already planning something of the sort (although if you count correctly I have more than five. Shhh don’t tell anyone!)

You are probably all sick to death of 2017 goal and resolution posts, but to be honest I can’t get enough of them, and it makes me feel really motivated seeing other people putting plans into place and throwing fresh new ideas out into the new year (even if they might not actually achieve them by the end of the year). I think it’s awesome to have goals, it makes me feel really fresh especially at the start of the year, and today I’m going to talk about my top reading and blogging goals for the year. I’ll be doing a separate post on my personal goals and 2016 reflection soon!




Be more active with commenting and replying to posts

I’m still fairly new to the book blogging world and I’m still finding it quite overwhelming as I haven’t worked everything out yet, but I want to get better at replying to comments and posting comments on other people’s posts, without feeling like they are getting out of hand and piling up, which makes it even harder to respond to them. I want to get better at replying straight away and not leaving comments to pile up for days.


Become very regular with my blog posting and post at least twice a week, hopefully three

I want to start planning out my blog posts and writing down what days of the week and dates I am going to post every month. It would be nice to schedule them, and have them written before I want them up, which will make it easier to post more regularly. I would like to post at least twice a week, but three times would be awesome, since I love blogging so much!


Start writing lots of book reviews for my blog so I can get better at them.

I haven’t really written any book reviews on my blog yet, because they kind of scare me to be honest. But the only way I can fix this is by starting to write them and getting better as time goes by. I want to take note of how others write theirs, and then find a way that works for me. They might be dodgy to start with, but practice makes perfect and the more I do them, the better I will get!



Read 20 books

Last year I set myself a goal of 15 books and I made it to 16 which I was happy about. I had an awful year with my health and often wasn’t able to read, so I set my number pretty low (a few years ago, before I got sick, I was reading 75 plus a year). This year my health is still not great by any means but I would like to try and get back into reading so I set myself a goal of 20.

It would be nice to reach it, but I am also really okay with not reaching it if I’m not able to, because I don’t want reading to become forced and I know that it has been affected by my health, but I am not going to get too anxious or sad about it, I’m just going to enjoy what I do and can read.


If I really want a book, let myself buy it. Like books I’ve already read but want my own copy of.

Sometimes I can be way too practical, so I’ve decided that this year if I want to buy a book because it will make me happy that’s okay. I’m not going to be ridiculous, but there are some books I’ve wanted for a while, like pretty classic editions, new and improved cover changes, hardbacks and books I’ve read but don’t own, that I finally want to splurge on. Because books make me happy and I’ve been practical for too long!  If I buy a book for it’s cover, that is totally acceptable!


Branch out into new genres to see if I actually enjoy them.

I’m pretty bad at only sticking to the genres that I absolutely love. But I realised the other day that I’ll only know if I don’t like a genre if I actually read a book from it. If I don’t like it after reading from the genre that’s okay, but I don’t want to not take a chance because I THINK I won’t like it. This year I want to try horror, poetry and manga, to see if they are my cup of tea or not! ( I’m really excited to see what manga is all about! Do you have an recommendations?)


Don’t get too stressed about getting books read by a certain time, or feeling pressured into reading a book, if it isn’t my cup of tea

I don’t want to stress myself about getting certain books read or getting pressured into reading genres I don’t like or really popular books that bookstagram says I HAVE to read. I want to read what makes me happy, because reading should be a relaxing hobby, not a chore.


If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations for reading through another goals post! And thank you! What are some of your goals for 2017?


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