Top 5 Wednesday January 25th- Under hyped Books


Don’t you love it when a topic comes up for Top 5 Wednesday that you already had a blog post lined up for anyway? I certainly do. This topic excited me greatly and it was awesome that I already had my books pretty much lined up and ready to go before it even came up. These are some of my all time favourite books but they are also very under hyped, so I definitely recommend checking them out!

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The Thirteenth Series by Georgie Twynham

I haven’t been blogging very long but you are probably going to here me talk about this series a loth. Just warning you now. I first started reading this series a few years back when one of my friends from the UK recommended them to me and I absolutely loved them.

They are sci-fi/ and have both witches and aliens in them which is so awesome and the combination is written brilliantly. I’ve barely seen them anywhere but I’m hoping that will change as the author is fixing them up a bit to be properly published as she started of self publishing them!

BTW Georgia is the most lovely and interesting person ever and I was lucky enough to be able to meet her when I went to the UK three years back. She is such a kind, amazing person and it’s amazing seeing her writing develop and new opportunities pop up for her.


The Agency Series by Y.S. Lee

This is another series I think is seriously under hyped. I’ve reread it heaps and it’s still one of my favorites series of all time. It’s got a badass female detective/spy, and it’s set in Victorian London which makes it 100% cooler because she dresses like a guy when she should be wearing corsets and the main male is constantly amazed at how badass she is. I might be bias because I love London and history but Mary Quinn is one of my literary heroes and this series really deserves more love.


Scarlet by A.C.Gaughen

Scarlett is probably the only Robin Hood retelling I’ve ever read and it’s another series I’ve reread quite a few times. Scarlett follows ‘Will Scarlet’, one of Robin Hood’s merry men, who is actually a girl. She is another literary lady I look up to, as she is super strong and clever.

This series had heaps of amazing plot twists but also followed what I knew of Robin Hood really accurately (although it made me interested and inspired me to do some more researching).

This book is full of adventure, action and a bit of romance as well, and I suspect will always be one of my all time favorites.


Splintered by A.G.Howard

I have seen this series around a bit but still not much and I hope that changed soon because this is one of my favorite retellings out there. I am really in love with Alice in Wonderland and it’s world but I think even if you didn’t know much about it you would still really enjoy this retelling. The plot line is very clever and twists the original world, while still making it recognizable. I love the characters, both familiar from Carrol’s works and new, as well as all the shocking plot twists throughout! (Also hot sassy, snarky British guy who has magic and kinda reminds me of Rhys and Will… Just saying…)


A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher

I got this book for Christmas a couple of years back, and even though I’d never heard of it, by the end I really loved it and was sobbing a bit as well. It follows the story of Eponine from Les Miserables and shows her side of the story, and all the parts we never see in the musical. I love Les Mis and I’ve always had a soft spot for Eponine so I was very excited when the author pretty much hit her character spot on. I think you do have to know the musical to fully appreciate the novel, but I thought it was done very well with how all the blank spots in this character’s story were filled.


Sorry if I word vomited there a bit. I get very excited and run away with my keyboard a bit when it comes to books I love. I hope there were some under hyped books there that peaked your interest and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s posts! Are there any books you love that have been forgotten by us bookworms? Let me know!

Also i’m very sorry I haven’t posted much lately and that this post is late. I had a whole blogging schedule planned for January but the month got away from me a bit and i’ve been fighting an infection the past couple of weeks. Hopefully Feb will be a better blogging month!


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