Bookish Items to Treat Yourself this Valentines Day

I’ve never really been into Valentines Day. It’s always seemed over marketed and a way for kids to get stupid at school when things show up in their lockers.

But lately I’ve been thinking, that whether or not your in a relationship or will be celebrating Independence day, Valentine’s day is a great way to acknowledge yourself as an amazing badass and take some time for self love and self care. Because while relationships of all kind are great, the one you have with yourself is the most important.

So this Valentine’s day, take some time to do something nice for yourself and tell yourself how great you are. Whether this means running a bath, working on a hobby, reading a good book, or doing some shopping make sure it makes you happy and relaxed.


Now, I don’t know about you, but online shopping is pretty amazing, and there are some great bookish things out there. I know that for booklovers buying a book is a pretty great way to treat yourself and show some self love, but there are so many posts and places out there to recommend good books to buy. So today, I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to recommend some awesome bookish merch, to treat yourself with this Valentines Day!

2017-02-13 01.32.52 1.jpg

Bookmarks from Read and Wonder

You can never have too many bookmarks. Ever. There are so many beautiful bookmark companies on places like Etsy these days but one of my favourite companies is Read and Wonder. Read and Wonder do your classic rectangular bookmark with gorgeous designs and quotes on them as well as little magnetic bookmarks with characters on them. Both styles are amazing quality and are perfect for marking your page.

 2017-02-13 01.32.50 1.jpg

Behind the Pages Soaps and Lip balms

While Behind the Pages do gorgeous bookmarks as well, I really love their soaps and lip balms. They name the products after a character from a series and make them smell like what they think that character’s scent would be. Both the products I have are pretty spot on with what the character would smell like, and they are to die for! (The Manon lip balm is perfect for the fierce witch). The lip balms feel so nice going on and are really moisturizing which is perfect for dry lips. The soap feels so good on your hands and leaves them smelling and feeling amazing! Perfect for indulging in a bit of self-care and ‘me- time’ this Valentines Day.


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The YA Chronicles (Or any other subscription box)

There are so many subscription boxes around these days but the one I really love is The YA Chronicles. Possibly because I’m Australian and this is an Aussie box, but I always love the products and books I get. The themes are always so cute and the girls put so much love into making sure they are perfect and have amazing items. They also support Australian companies and authors, which makes me really happy because they often get overlooked.

Bookish subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself as you know your going to get something awesome but you don’t actually know what’s in it! Just like Christmas!


Meraki Candles

I haven’t actually got one of these candles yet but I am putting in an order soon and I’ve heard such amazing things about this company! This bookish candle company is similar to Behind the Pages as they make candles and scents for them based off of characters and places in books! There are lots of candle companies out there but Meraki Candles have really lovely packaging, reasonably cheap shipping and I’ve heard wonderful things about them! Candles are a perfect way to set the mood for relaxing and curling up with a good book!

 2016-10-05 03.15.16 1.jpg

A Pretty Classic

While normal books can have gorgeous covers and hardbacks, there is just something so beautiful about all the designs there are for classic novels these days. Lots of them come in collection like the Barnes and Noble leather-bound classics, which feel beautiful and have foil and stained pages! Maybe you could start one of the collections, or do what I do and collect multiple editions of the same book. I’ve chosen Alice in Wonderland and there are so many gorgeous editions out there and they really do just light up your shelf in a way ordinary books don’t!

2017-02-13 02.47.52 1.jpg

Fairy Lights

For me, no reading session is complete without fairy lights twinkling in the background. They aren’t very expensive and they really do just make a room light up and feel super cozy and relaxed which is perfect for when you just want to wind down and chill. I have a warm white set hung all around my room and they’ve become my main form of lighting, instead of the ceiling light, because the cozy factor is just so much better!


So that’s it for today! I hope I’ve given you some ideas on ways to treat yourself a bit and invest in something cute and bookish to help you relax and take some time for yourself this Valentines Day!





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