Top 5 Wednesday February 15th- Favorite Non- Written Books

Hello! I have to admit i panicked slightly when i first saw what this week’s T5W topic was. I had no idea what to write about given that i don’t really listen to audiobooks (although i want to start this year), and I don’t really read manga (i also want to start this year). I then realised that I do have a couple of comic/picture type books that I absolutely love. Hence, I am now very relieved that I managed to write this post!

Top Five Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes and If you want to join in checkout the Goodreads page!


Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

I read this book a couple of years back and thinking about it still makes me laugh. It’s divided into different sections, each of which has a story from the author’s life. Although this book is hilarious and had me cry laughing a lot, it was also a really interesting insight into the life of somebody with depression. I think the cartoons really helped to portray that, while also showing there are lots of good things in life as well, and lots of hilarious things that just randomly happens. I like that the author chose to share her depression with the world, which is what we need to make mental illnesses more widely understood.


Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen (Sarah’s Scribbles)

Now I’m kinda lying with this one. But it’s only a tiny lie, I promise. I’ve been reading Sarah’s Scribbles for ages, in places like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. I’ve read so many of these hilarious little comics and they are all SO relatable to a book lover, an introvert, a person with anxiety and even a girl on her period. Like Hyperbole, they are hilarious but also don’t hide the ugly side of the world, they show the real stuff and the mundane stuff, but have you going “OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO TRUE!” Now I’ve probably read enough of these comics to fill two books and I think the author has made a collection of them into a book called Adulthood is a Myth. I’m going to buy it at some point, but for the moment do me a favour and Google some of these comics because they are hilarious!


Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! These comics were my childhood and they still remind me of good days and make me smile. They will never grow old and are full of so much logic and truth, hidden among all of Calvin’s schemes to get cookies without his mum looking and to fly a space ship and explode his teacher, with his faithful friend Hobbes along for the ride. A couple of years back my dad got me the complete collection and I love randomly flicking them open and reading (or rereading) a couple of pages when I need a giggle.


Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey 

I got this book a few years back for my birthday because my name is Maddie and it’s spelled this way, which is super rare to find in books and on things like pencil cases (*Frowns at all the companies in my childhood who thought only providing Maddy was a good idea*). Anyways, this book is adorable and is literally just full of photos of a dog called Maddie, being on things. Her owner took her travelling and when they went places he somehow managed to get her into the most weird and wacky places. I think she must be such a chilled dog to let him put her on all the things he did. It’s a really nice coffee table book to just flick through and look at the little descriptions at the bottom of each page telling you where the photo was taken.


Colouring Books

Okay, I have to admit, I got desperate with this one, so bare with me on this (it shows I need to read more manga and audiobooks though!).

I have been obsessed with colouring books for a few years now and my collection is quite big now. My aim is to eventually fill them all. The only problem is they keep bringing out new ones that are gorgeous so my collection grows even more. For me, coloring is super relaxing and it’s something I can do to distract myself a bit when my pain gets bad or I can’t sleep. I definitely recommend them when you just need to chill.


A sneaky little extra that I’m not sure counts is the Decadent Shakes cookbook by Matthew Aouad. Technically there is quite a lot of writing because of all the recipes but the photos of the shakes are so beautiful I just want to eat them! I made one the other day and it was delicious so I highly recommend this book!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments some of your favourite non written books (especially audiobooks and manga) so I can check them out! (also I’m so sorry if it’s taking me a while to reply to comments, I have a lot of therapy going on at the moment which is leaving me pretty exhausted. I will get there I promise! 



10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday February 15th- Favorite Non- Written Books

  1. I was worried too with this week’s promp!! I had nothing prepared!!haha So yesterday I was finally able to write something… More like I would like to read/listen than what I have… Hehe but you had a good selection of non-written here! I was about to put coloring books on too!! 😂😊


    1. Thank you! I literally wrote this post really late at night the night before when I suddenly had an idea! It’s really opened me up to thinking about the manga/comics and audiobooks i would like to read though. I love colouring books so much so i had to put them on!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I first read Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper too! I always wanted more. Wow, that’s so sad that one. It’s like he’s not Calvin anymore. And Hobbes…


    1. They are very hilarious and I think both the artists are bringing out a new book soon which is very exciting! And I’m really intrigued by your picks for this week. I’m definitely going to check them out!


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