Review: Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg

I want to start by saying that I really love Zoe Sugg’s videos. They’ve gotten me through a lot of hard days with my health and she’s just so calming and fun to watch. I read her first two books when they came out and I was very excited when it was announced there was going to be a third. The title Going Solo, had me especially excited because it meant that there might be a lot of self development for the main character Penny in this book, and not just lots of boy trouble.

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Going Solo, definitely lived up to the title after reading it and it quickly rose to being my favourite book of the series. It’s been amazing watching Penny develop over the trilogy but I really think she came into her own in this book. She focused on improving herself and helping the people around her, instead of being focused on her romantic relationships.


I loved the introduction of Posey, the shy girl that goes to the same school as Penny’s friend Megan. It was wonderful seeing how Penny gradually helped her get over her stage fright and anxiety, using tips that she herself had to discover through her own anxiety. Posey was very sweet, and I loved seeing her friendship with Penny blossom.

Penny also strengthened some of her longer lasting friendships, such as those with the twins and Elliot. It warmed my heart how much the twins cared for her, and had her back when her anxiety got too much.


Elliot as always was one of my favourites. He is just such a loving, caring person but I enjoyed seeing how Penny was really there for him in this novel as he went through some difficult things with parents. He wasn’t as perky as he usually was, but that’s okay, because people can’t be happy and bubbly all the time.

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It was also wonderful seeing how Penny’s control on her anxiety has developed. In the first book she was overwhelmed by it and it scared her. In Going Solo, she still has her anxiety, but she acknowledges it and knows how to deal with her panic attacks and get through them.

This book deals with some real world issues, which I loved. There was lots about anxiety and stage fright as well as the position a teenager is in when their parents get a divorce.


Penny also had to make a lot of choices about her life and decide what she wanted, which is something I think many teenagers go through. She had to learn what unhealthy relationships she needed to cut from her life, and which ones were worth putting more effort into and keeping.

Going Solo did have a romantic element but it didn’t get frustrating or consuming as I found it did in Girl Online On Tour. I loved when Noah was back in the story and how things finally fixed themselves between him and Penny. He was very sweet and although I’m glad Penny tried to see what a relationship with another boy would be like, my heart does belong to Noah.

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The travel element of this series has always been one of the things I love the most, and this third installment didn’t disappoint with the beautiful trip to Scotland that Penny and her family took. I can’t wait to revisit the UK at some point and go to many of the places in Brighton and Scotland that are mentioned in this series.

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This book lost a star simply because although the writing has come a long way since the first book, Zoe is still developing her style as a writer. Other than that I think this series is wonderful and has progressed really well since Girl Online. I definitely recommend this series if you want a cute, light contemporary, that deals with some things that I as a teen can relate to, as well as the beautiful scenery and the adorable friendships.

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