The YA Chronicles February Unboxing


Today I thought I would do a little unboxing of my February The YA Chronicles box, which was themed ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ For a few weeks, I was unsure whether or not to get this box. However, when the sneak peeks started coming out saying there was going to be a Harry Potter item and an ACOTAR item, I was pretty much sold (I was 100% sold when they said there was going to be a full sized candle!).

2017-02-28 09.26.56 1.jpg

I am SO glad I decided to go ahead and get this box as I think it is now one of my favourites of all the ones I have gotten from them. When it arrived and I first opened the box to reveal the tissue paper it was basically scent heaven. There were so many good smells coming out of it!

2017-02-28 09.26.46 1.jpg

Now, let’s get into the unboxing shall I?

2017-02-28 08.46.46 1.jpg

Okay Okay Pin (TFIOS)

When I saw this adorable little pin, it brought back so many emotions from my 2013 John Green days. I still love John Green but I used to be pretty obsessed when I first started getting into YA. I love all of his quotes and this reminded me so much of my love for Hazel and Augustus. I actually have an Okay Okay hoodie and t-shirt so it will go really well with those. I think I’m going to put it onto one of my bookish tote bags though and maybe make it the start of a bookish pin collection!

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 3.50.09 pm.png

Amortentia Tea by The West End Tea Co

I absolutely love tea and I was so happy when I came to this little jar of tea inspired by the love potion in the Harry Potter books, Amortentia. It’s the perfect tea for the month of love (although it’s affects were somewhat deadly on Ron), and it smells and tastes absolutely amazing; I can’t wait to sit down to more cups of it and a good book.

The West End Tea Co made the tea, and I’ve actually received some of their tea before in one of these boxes. I definitely recommend their teas as they always taste and smell wonderful.

2017-02-28 08.46.48 1.jpg

Feysand Candle by The Book Hangover

This candle was by far my favourite item in the box. I squealed so hard when I came to it! It’s based off one of my favourite ships ever Feyre and Rhysand and smells divine. The colour is beautiful, a sort of dark purple/blue that has glitter through it and reminds me of the Night Court. It burns really nicely and the scent is SO perfect for Feyre and Rhysand, the company really did a wonderful job. I suspect Sarah J Maas making scent such a huge part of her books has really helped bookish candle companies! The Bookish Hangover has some amazing looking candles in their Etsy shop that are prices really well, so I would definitely check them out if you are interested!

BTW the scent on the label says rain, sandalwood, musk, citrus and jasmine.

2017-02-28 08.48.44 1.jpg

The Book- Valentine by Jodi McAlister

I’m not really into Valentine’s Day so I was very excited when this book was Valentine’s Day with a twist of Faeries, kidnapping and changelings which I think is much more interesting than your classic contemporary love stories. I also think it’s awesome that this book is set in Australia which not many YA Fantasy books are and I’m very excited to see what this book is all about! Plus just look at that cover!

You can find the synopsis for the book here.

2017-02-28 09.26.48 1.jpg

That’s it for my February The YA Chronicles unboxing. I really hope you enjoyed having a peek at the contents and I would really recommend checking out this subscription box, as all the ones I have received so far are amazing. You can purchase the March box here!


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    1. Thank you so much! The candle is my favourite i think, it smells divine! Aw thank you, i’m so glad you like my bookstagram, that means a lot as sometimes I’m not sure about it! xxx

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