Top 5 Wednesday March 1st- Fictional Jobs You’d Like to Have


THIS WEEK’S TOPIC HAD ME SO EXCITED! Like, I had to narrow down my list from about 1000 possibilities so I’ll probably do a part two of fictional jobs I want at some point (and most likely a part three). So let’s get into this week’s Top 5 Wednesday!

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Being a police officer/guard doesn’t appeal to me at all. Being an assassin though is much more appealing; Especially the kind like Celaena Sardothien. She knows so much and is such a badass, plus she can go from killing people in a Black Death suit thing, to reading a book whilst eating chocolate cake in a gorgeous dress!


Doctor’s Companion

I absolutely love Doctor Who and I think being the Doctor’s companion would be one of the most amazing jobs in the world. Getting to fly around space in a telephone box with a man who is more than a bit mad. The adventures and trouble you’d get into would be terrifying but fun once you’d escaped and the doctor had saved you or you saved him. The doctor-companion relationship has always been one of my favourite bromances, so being a part of that would be amazing. It would be heartbreaking having to eventually leave him and the TARDIS though. I’m not sure I could handle that.



I may just be saying this because I’ve been watching all the Star Wars movies and I’m kind of obsessed, but Jedi’s are COOL! They seem so sophisticated and they get to wear the awesome robes and carry around a super-sized glow stick with killing powers. Plus, they are rare so you’d feel special. I’m not sure how good I’d be at it though. To be honest I’m probably more of a CP-30 than a badass Jedi or princess. A girl can dream though.



Although Shadowhunters are cool, I feel like Warlock’s are much cooler and have a lot more freedom. Plus although the idea of hunting demons sounds awesome, I’m probably not cut out for all that running around and paperwork. Warlocks however, get to be their own boss and wave their hands around while chanting mystical words and performing epic spells, all from the comfort of their home. Much more my style.



I think the idea of being able to perform blood magic and travelling between parallel London’s would be awesome. I could meet so many people things and see such different things in each world. I think I would want an Antari buddy though, so we could travel together and learn about the worlds together. What fun is that type of magic if you don’t have anyone to share it with?


What did you think of my choice of fictional jobs? Any that appeal to you? I’d probably die within the first week of all of these career options but it would be the best week of my life so probably worth it. What fictional jobs would you choose if you could?


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday March 1st- Fictional Jobs You’d Like to Have

  1. Absolutely yes to every single one of these jobs. I would have to say that Doctors Companion would be the best though, you get to go through space and time…it would be amazing!! Although I would love to be a warlock, because who doesn’t want magic in their veins?!? Awesome post!!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked them! Travelling with the Doctor would be the best, getting to go anywhere and anywhere! I’d probably be awful at magic, but it would be amazing!

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  2. Antari! I can’t believe I forgot about Kell. Although that does sound awesome, I’m doubting whether I’d want to be an Antari. They don’t tend to have the best luck? Maybe I could be a great magician of one element instead. Great list!


    1. I’d love to be and Antari, but i probably wouldn’t last the week, between my clumsiness and people trying to kill me. Being Alucard would probably be a safer bet, and you’d still have a fair amount of power and cool abilities (fire, earth and water would be cool!). Thank you so much!

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    1. Thank you so much! I would love to be an Antari, being able to travel wherever would be awesome and having all those amazing abilities and power. Best. Job. Ever.


    1. Magnus Bane is best type of Warlock there is. I’d kill to go to one of his parties, and i don’t really do parties! xx


    1. Being an assassin would be awesome, despite the danger! I definitely recommend the Shades of Magic series, it’s SO amazing! I’d probably be awful at being a Jedi and somehow kill myself with my lightsaber, but it would be fun while it lasted aha. xx

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      1. I’m on the waiting list for A Darker Shade of Magic at my library right now! I had to scale my book budget back this month, otherwise I would have already bought it, lol. I’m way too impatient!


    1. Travelling with Ten would be amazing (i mean David Tennant!), and it would be hilarious travelling with Nine as he was such a grumpy, but loveable Doctor, his reasoning was the best.


    1. I think out of all the fictional worlds, the shadow hunter world is one of the ones I’d like to live in the most. It’s so full of magic and history. Being a shadow hunter would be awesome but I’d probably be terrible, it would be nice getting to have my own awesome weapons though!

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      1. I swear the institute would be the coolest place to live and play hide and seek! I think i’d like to live in the London Institute though since i love London so much!

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