What’s in my Book Blogger Bag?

I really love reading and watching people’s what’s in my bag/essentials posts and videos, so when @TheShyBooks made the ‘What’s in My Blogger Bag?’ tag, I couldn’t resist (you can find her original post here)! I’m one of those people that when I go out, I tend to have a lot of stuff in my bag because I have a lot of essentials (well, what I consider essentials). Those items have changed a bit since I’ve started blogging because now I want to be able to write down post ideas and thoughts I have regarding my blog when I am out and about.

2017-03-20 08.59.33 1.jpg

My Laptop

Now, I don’t always take my laptop with me when I am going out because it’s quite big and heavy, but I couldn’t write a book blogger essentials post without including my laptop. I use it for reading other people’s blogs, writing out my blog posts, and drooling over all the books in my TBD wish list.


My Bullet Journal

My bullet journal acts as my planner for everything in my life. It contains my weekly spreads of what is happening in my life, my blogging schedule, random notes about books, quotes, and lots and lots of lists. This little notebook has become such a useful system for me in the past year, and I honestly couldn’t live without it.

2017-03-20 08.59.54 1.jpg
My Bullet Journal and Blogging Notebook

My Reading and Blogging Notebook

I’ve just started a notebook that’s purely for my blog and to keep track of my reading life. It contains notes for book reviews, post ideas, a blogging schedule, and lists of the books I buy and read every month to help me keep track when it comes to my monthly wrap up.

I don’t always take this with me when I’m going out because it’s an added weight. When I don’t have it with me, I write ideas down in my bullet journal and then transfer them to this notebook later. There are pages in my bullet journal and this one that overlap sometimes but that’s okay because I use them both lots.

2017-03-20 08.59.43 1.jpg

My Phone

I really can’t go anywhere with out this. As well as all the usual things like texting and calling, I use my phone to take Bookstagram pictures, update twitter and Instagram, check WordPress, watching Booktube videos and write post ideas in the notes section if I can’t quickly access either of my journals.

2017-03-20 08.59.45 1.jpg

My Essential Pens

I am such a stationary addict but I am also a left hand writer, so I’ve had to work out which pens are best for me and don’t smudge. I’ve found that the best pens for me are the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, and the Stabilo Point 88 pens. As you can see in the picture I have packets of each with my essential colours so usually I’ll just throw one of those in my bag, depending on which brand I’m loving more that day, or if I have room, I’ll throw both in so I have some variety. I always have a black pen with me though as I use it a LOT. (if you wanted to know, at the moment I’m really enjoying the Stabilo pens as the colours of this pack are really pretty)

2017-03-20 08.59.47 1.jpg

My Glasses

I can’t go anywhere without these. Although I can see without my glasses, my vision is better when I wear them, especially while writing and reading, and I don’t get as many headaches.

Processed with VSCO

A water bottle

I’m trying to be really good about drinking water lately, and have a water tracker in my bullet journal, so I always have a water bottle or glass of water with me, to stay hydrated while I’m reading or writing.

Processed with VSCO

My ‘Manon’ Behind the Pages lip balm

I get dry lips quite easily, so I make sure to always have a lip balm in my bag when I go out or nearby when I’m at home. A few months ago this Behind the Pages lip balm came in a The YA Chronicles box and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It smells amazing and just how Manon would smell plus it feels really nice on my lips.

Processed with VSCO

My Fidget Cube

When I’m reading or blogging I can get restless hands and pick at my nails. My Fidget Cube has been wonderful though as it gives my hands something to fiddle with instead, and has saved my nails tremendously.


Processed with VSCO

My Current Read

I can’t go anywhere without my current read. You never know when the opportunity will arise to sit down and read a couple of pages, so I ALWAYS take a book with me!

2017-03-20 08.59.56 1.jpg

Sticky notes

I like having some sticky notes on hand for when I need to quickly scribble some notes for my blog but don’t want to ruin a random page in my journal. I like having my pages quite neat and planned (with lots of washi tape), so when I have random ideas, I quickly write them on a sticky note to start with, then when I get home, I write them out properly!


Processed with VSCO

The Bag

I’m not really into handbags, but I am pretty obsessed with shoulder/messenger bags, the kind that can fit 10,000 things and still look amazing. I have quite a collection these days of cute bags and I rotate them depending on what I feel like. I keep seeing others that I love though, and I often have to stop myself from buying more.


I really hope you enjoyed today’s post of my book blogger bag essentials, I know I had a lot of fun writing it and taking pictures! Feel free to do this tag if you feel like it!

What do you consider the essentials for putting in your blogger bag? Or just your blogging essentials in general?


4 thoughts on “What’s in my Book Blogger Bag?

  1. This was such a great post! I love watching people’s What’s In My Bag videos too! Whenever I leave the house all I take with me are my wallet, my keys, gum and tissues. That’s it Well, my phone is usually in my jeans’ pocket too. But yeah, I’ve never been someone who takes a lot of stuff with her.


    1. Thank you so much!
      It was so fun writing this post. Oo tissues I often have with me as well. I often load my bag, I like to be prepared for anything but I suspect your bag would be much more lighter and practical than mine (hehe). I’m so glad you liked this post! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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