What Makes Me Happy

Monday was the International Day of Happiness, and even though I only found out at the end of the night (because I’m always late to these things), I thought it was extremely awesome that an international, not just national day for being happy exists.

I think so often we forget to notice and appreciate the things that make us happy, and to do more of those things. I know I do. Sure we know that birthdays and weddings and Christmas make us happy, but we seem to always overlook the little things.


My life is really hard at the moment with my health, and I’m trying to make it a goal to be happier and take note of the things that make me happy so I can do them more, because it often feels that with the pain I am going through, there isn’t much happiness in my life.


So, today I thought I would make a list of the few, little things that make me happy. And I think if you have a spare moment, it would be awesome to just sit for a couple of minutes, and maybe jot down ten things that make you happy as well. Here we go:


-Tea that has cooled to the perfect temperature.

It’s not scolding like when you first make it but it’s not that yucky warm that occurs when you leave it too long waiting for it to cool down. It’s that perfect drinking temperature between hot and cold.


-People leaving kind comments on my blog or Instagram.

These really do make my day, and even though I might not always reply immediately, I do read them and absolutely love them. (also WordPress has cut off my ability to respond to comments after a certain point, so if I don’t respond that’s probably why)


-Reading a book that you adore with all your heart and soul and knowing that you can dedicate a lot of time to it, without having anywhere to go.

2017-01-10 01.53.30 1.jpg

-Blue nail polish.

I don’t know why, but there is something about blue nail polish that makes me happy.


-Cold mornings lying in bed in my flannelette PJs under piles of blankets feeling deliciously cozy and warm, knowing that I don’t have anywhere to be and don’t have to get up and face the cold day.


-That time between midnight and sunrise, when reality is slightly altered and the world is quiet, until it slowly starts to wake up with the sun and the singing birds.



I love baking with all my heart and I feel calm when I do it. It’s so nice being able to take weird, nothing ingredients, and turn them into something that looks and tastes delicious (plus it’s an excuse to eat cookie dough and cake batter!).


-Discovering that the item you were going to buy anyway is actually on sale.


-Fairy lights and candles

My room is full of warm fairy lights that I use as my main form of lighting, and whenever I’m in my room, I have at least one candle going.


-Those moments when you laugh so hard until you’re crying, you’re stomach hurts and you can’t actually remember why you were laughing to begin with.


-Driving in the rain and hearing it fall onto the top of the car. It always feels like I’m in my own little bubble of the world ( I can’t wait to be able to do this again, as car trips are ridiculously painful at the moment).


-Meatballs from IKEA

There is just something SO good about IKEA meatballs, especially when you eat them in the cafeteria there and they’re covered in gravy!


-Super worn in PJs that have been loved down to that amazing thin coziness.

2017-03-16 10.29.33 2.jpg

-Finding a book that just makes your heart ache because of how much you can relate, and how adorable and beautiful the characters, quotes and story are.


Leave a comment letting me know what makes you happy! I would really love to know! Maybe I’ll get some ideas to add to my list!


3 thoughts on “What Makes Me Happy

  1. I totally agree about the perfect temperature tea and the joy that comes from finding that book that tugs at you in just the right ways and reminds you that you’re not alone.

    Other things for me: taking a bubble bath (because it’s just so indulgent, especially if you also bring a book to the bath); the smell of a fresh pot of coffee in the morning; hugging a warm animal; when you hear the birds start to sing at the beginning of spring.

    You’re totally right though: writing down a few things that make you happy can do wonders for your state of mind. Even when you have to force yourself to think positively, it helps. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you feel better soon.


    1. Ooo i love your list! they are definitely all things for me as well. Hugging puppies especially because they have that amazing puppy smell! I can’t wait to be able to have a proper bubble bath once our reno is done, it’ll be so nice!
      Aw I’m so glad you liked this post, It’s good to think of happy things, even if you don’t feel like it. Thank you so much lovely xx

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