Spoonie Sunday- DIY Happiness Jar

As a Spoonie, a lot of stuff in life can suck. There is almost always some part of your body that is in pain, and there are a lot of things you miss out on and can’t do. It can be so easy to focus on these things, which can drag you down.

A couple of years ago my Auntie gave me a happiness jar and I loved using it last year, and have already started this year, so I thought I would tell you guys how to make one today.


My happiness jar reminds me to remember and write down the good things in my life, no matter how small, and not just the bad. I think knowing that I have this jar to fill, makes me excited to use it and remember the good things. It’s fun seeing little bits of paper slowly getting added to it, and knowing that it’s full of stuff that’s made me smile, if only for a second.


So let’s get into it!


What you’ll need:

-A Jar (any shape or size, but probably large-ish)

-Some little pieces of paper

-Ribbons, stickers, or washi tape to decorate your jar (only if you want to)


Processed with VSCO
What you’ll need

This jar is ridiculously easy and doesn’t have to be done all in one sitting so it doesn’t take much energy, which is perfect as a spoonie.


The idea for this jar is that, on January 1st (or starting in March, since that’s when I got around to this post), you start filling the jar with all the good things that happen throughout the year. Write them on a piece of paper, or even do what I’m doing this year, and put in receipts and tickets, to remember those things in a quirky way (e.g. I put in my ticket from seeing Moana at the cinema with my best friend)

2017-03-26 09.23.43 1.jpg
Some of my notes and a ticket from this year’s jar

It’s good to have a little stack of paper and pen next to the jar so that when something happens, you don’t have to go searching for paper to write on, and it makes it easier to actually use it.


At the end of the year, on December 31st open the jar and read about all the wonderful things that made you smile throughout the year.


I also have a notebook that I glue the pieces of paper into at the end of the year so I can flick through them whenever I want, and they don’t get lost. It kind of makes a journal and record of all the things that happened in the year.

Processed with VSCO
My notebook with last year’s notes glued in. 

Remember to write the date on your note, so when your reading it on New Year’s Eve, you know what day it happened.


You can write a little note to stick to the front of the jar with an explanation of what to do, in case you’re having a foggy day and can’t remember.

Decorating it can also be a fun and easy distraction on a pain filled day. You can use any jar really, whether that’s a moccona coffee jar, one you bought at the reject shop, or one you just have lying around from jam or something. I recommend you make the jar relatively big so it won’t run out of room during the year (although it’s surprising how much paper you can cram into one jar).

2017-03-26 09.27.32 1.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY post, and maybe give it a try. I’ve just found that, as a spoonie, I’m sad and in pain most of the time, but it reminds me to look for the little things that make me happy.


Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.


(Also I wrote a post yesterday about the Things That Make Me Happy in honour of international Happiness day, which was on Monday! Check it out if you want to see what makes me happy)




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