Top 5 Wednesday April 26th- Authors You Want to Read More From

Hello lovely people of the Internet! It feels like forever since I’ve posted (although it probably hasn’t been). I didn’t mean to be so slack in April, but a whole lot happened in my life, and I had to take an unexpected break from blogging to deal with some other stuff. I do have a plan for May though, so hopefully I can get back on track! Today I’m bringing you another Top 5 Wednesday post, and the topic is ‘Authors I want to read more from’! It was very hard narrowing today’s post down to five authors, but I managed to do it in the end! It’ll be interesting seeing what everyone else writes for this topic.

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Towards the end of last year I read the A Darker Shade of Magic series and I fell in love with it. Seriously. It’s now in my top 5 series of all time because of how amazing it is. Because of this I now want to consume everything and anything that Schwab has written (tbh, I would even read her shopping lists, I’m sure she puts super cool things on it, like swords, coats, and glass eyes, you know, for research). Luckily for me she has two books I haven’t yet read and another one coming out in two months. I have no idea what I’m going to do after I read them though, because I think even having 100 books by her to read wouldn’t satisfy me. I need more!!


Leigh Bardugo

I read the Six of Crows duology at the start of this year and like the ADSOM series, I also adored everything about it. The world building was amazing and the characters have stolen a piece of my heart. I’m really looking forward to reading the Grisha Trilogy, given that it’s set in the same world as Six of Crows. I’m kind of putting them off though, because I want to know there’s something else by Leigh that I can read once I finish the trilogy. I’m not sure my heart could handle not having any more books by her to read (although I think she’s bringing out two books soonish? Or have I been lied to??).


Claudia Gray

I read the Evernight series quite a few years ago, and even though I enjoyed it and read the whole series, it was quite cheesy and as it went on, the plot got kind of ridiculous. That being said, it was about vampires, and there’s something about them that does lend itself to a slightly cheesy novel (although I did really enjoy the Vampire Academy series). I do really want to read more from Claudia Gray though, as she’s the author of the Firebird series, which has a completely different premise to Evernight and I’ve heard really wonderful things about it. Plus, the covers are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, which is a totally valid reason to buy them and read them right?


A.G. Howard

The Splintered series is one of my favourite series and is probably my favourite Alice in Wonderland retellings out there. It was such an interesting take on Wonderland and her writing style was really beautiful (plus the ink in her books is coloured!). I know she has a couple of other novels that are out, one of which is a retelling on Phantom of the Opera, and given how much I loved the writing in Splintered and love the musical, I think the combination would be amazing.


Renee Carlino

I read Swear on This Life last year after a friend of mine raved about it and it tore my heart apart but in the very best possible way. I’m hoping to get a few more of her books this year when I hit a contemporary mood and binge read them then, since I’ve heard wonderful things about them as well and I’m sure I’ll love them. It might take a while for that to happen though, given that all I’ve wanted tor read for the past few months is fantasy.


That’s it for today’s Top 5 Wednesday, I really hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments some authors you want to read more from!



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