April Favourites

It’s time for another favourites post!!! I love writing these and it really makes me think about the things I love during the month since I have to write them all down to make this post. This month’s list isn’t as long as I thought it would be, because a lot of the stuff I’ve been loving is the same as the last couple of months so there isn’t much new. And some of the new things I was debating putting in, because I only got into them towards the end of April.

Also as a side note, I’ve just noticed a spider web across my ceiling and now I’m freaking out about where the spider is. If I never post again you’ll know that it got me. That or it was radioactive, so I’ve given up blogging and am out hunting bad guys with my new super powers. Anyways, got sidetracked, let’s get into it.


Black Milk Marauder’s Map Skirt

One of the ladies I follow on twitter has an amazing Black Milk collection and tweeted about wearing this skirt to work one day. I fell in love with it immediately and decided to go onto the website and treat myself, given that it was my birthday this month. The shipping was extremely fast and the sizing is really accurate. The design and feel of the fabric is just amazing, and I love being able to show off my nerd side in a really awesome every day, sophisticated way. I’ve had heaps of compliments already and I can’t wait to play around with styling it differently in the future. (Also it. Has. POCKETS!!!! Deep ones too!!!)


The Selection Series

I’ve had the box set of this series for a while but I’d heard mixed things, so was sort of putting it off. About halfway through the month though I just needed to read something a bit light and fluffy and picked up the first book. I’ve been devouring them since then and am nearly done with The Heir. I’m enjoying them a lot more than I thought I would and they’re just what I needed to read at the moment. No, the writing isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s still really good and the plot line is really engaging and entertaining. Plus Maxon is such a sweetheart. I’ve kind of become obsessed with this series this month and I am totally okay with that.


Peter Alexander PJs

To be fair, I’m always obsessed with Peter Alexander and pyjamas in general, but since it was my birthday this month I got spoiled with a few new pairs, and I love them all. Since the weather’s gotten a bit colder as well in April, it’s been serious pyjama weather and I’ve practically lived in them. The problem is they keep bringing out new amazing collections and I WANT THEM ALL! I sorted out my PJ draw the other day and I have a serious problem, but I keep buying more, even though I don’t need them or have the space. My cozy levels are high, but my bank account levels are low. Definitely check them out if you want super good quality, super cozy pyjamas.


Grimm TV Show

Okay, so I only just discovered this one last night when my parents and I wanted something new to watch on Netflix, but I’m already loving it. I’m a big lover of fairytales, especially when they’re twisted and dark, so this show is perfect for me. It’s kind of like Supernatural meets Once Upon a Time, and even though I’m not very far in, I can tell I’m going to really enjoy watching more and seeing how it unfolds.



I’m a really crafty person, and a few years ago I really got into knitting, but for some reason I stopped. The past couple of weeks though, I’ve been seeing @sammyreadsbooks doing lots of knitting on Instagram and I was inspired to start up again (BTW Sammy is SO lovely and her bookstagram is gorgeous). I’m so glad I’ve decided to get back into it, as it’s so relaxing and it’s a wonderful thing to do while listening to an audiobook or binge watching some TV. I’ve just retaught myself through YouTube, and it’s helping me keep my hands busy so I don’t bite at my nails when I’m anxious.


That’s it for today’s post, it’s not as many favourites as I usually have, and a lot of them I picked up towards the end of April, so probably would have counted more for May to be honest! I have saved a couple though, since I’m sure I’ll still love them in May, so I’m excited to share those with you next month! Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments something you’ve been loving in April, I’m always looking for new things to get obsessed with!


3 thoughts on “April Favourites

  1. Thank you for reminding me that I TOTALLY NEED MORE PJS and I should just splurge and spoil myself 🙂

    I haven’t been knitting lately, but I learned how a few years back. It was one of the few things that kept me from losing my mind in college, actually. It’s such a soothing process, and it’s also really nice to have something physical to show for your time/energy. It’s great for anxiety, for sure.


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