The YA Chronicles ACOWAR Unboxing

So the long wait is finally over and ACOWAR is here!!! (Queue trumpets and fireworks and marching bands). To celebrate my most anticipated day and release of the year, I ordered The YA Chronicles special ACOWAR box back in January (I got in before it sold out like crazy). The box had the book in it of course, and several goodies all related purely to this amazing series.

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Top 5 Wednesday May 24th- Favourite Minor Characters

Bonjour everyone! I hope you are all having a good Wednesday. I’m dying slightly because I only have 30 pages left of ACOWAR, so I’m taking a breather to write this week’s Top 5 Wednesday post! The theme this week is Favourite Minor Characters, and I’ve been planning which characters I’m going to use ever since I first read the topic. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday May 24th- Favourite Minor Characters”

Top 5 Wednesday May 17th- Fabulous Summer Reads

So, Down Under, it’s actually Autumn and we are coming up to Winter, which is perfect for me, because I like nothing better than reading under a blanket while it’s raining. I was debating possibly turning this post into a Winter reads post, but thought ‘stuff it’ I’ll do that another day. For now I’ll present you with some wonderful books to read when the sun is shining and the ice cream is melting. (I really hope the majority of you are experiencing summer now unlike me, and have a need for this post).  Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday May 17th- Fabulous Summer Reads”

Review: Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

So, a few months back one of my friends gave me Tiger Lily to borrow and read since she loved it so much, but since I’m very much a mood reader, I didn’t get around to it until this past week. I wanted something quick and easy to read to fill the couple of days I had before my copy of ACOWAR arrived. Tiger Lily is a standalone fantasy, and was perfect to fill the time, but I was seriously not expecting it to tug at my heartstrings and melt me into a puddle like it did. Continue reading “Review: Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson”

Top 5 Wednesday May 10th- Books as Event Themes

So I’m writing this on May 2nd, which is the day ACOWAR comes out, and I’m anxiously waiting and looking out the window to see if the postman has my parcel. He probably thinks I’m a stalker. Anyways, I’m trying to fill some time by getting some blog posts written ahead and I love this month’s T5W topics. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday May 10th- Books as Event Themes”