The YA Chronicles ACOWAR Unboxing

So the long wait is finally over and ACOWAR is here!!! (Queue trumpets and fireworks and marching bands). To celebrate my most anticipated day and release of the year, I ordered The YA Chronicles special ACOWAR box back in January (I got in before it sold out like crazy). The box had the book in it of course, and several goodies all related purely to this amazing series.

You have no idea how excited I was last Tuesday when I got the shipping notification that my box was coming on the release day. I was peering out the window like a crazy lady to stalk the postman. Anyways, today I thought I would do a little unboxing of all the amazing stuff that I received in this box! I may have squealed when I saw each item because of how awesome they all are.


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High Lady of the Night Court Candle by Kool and Co on Etsy

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this candle smells. Like seriously you’ll just have to trust me because I kind of want to eat it, it smells so good. The official scent on the label is rain, tulips, vanilla and green leaves. I’m kind of scared to light it though because it was a custom order for this box so I can’t order another one from Kool and Co when this one runs out. It may just have to sit on my shelf and look pretty instead since I’m probably never going to use it.

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Quote Bookmark by Read and Wonder on Etsy

I have several Read and Wonder bookmarks already and I’m really excited to add this one to my collection. I haven’t come across the quote in my ACOWAR read yet, but I already love it and the design of this bookmark is stunning.

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To the Stars Who Listen Quote Tote Bag by Paperlyandco on Etsy

This is one of my favourite items in the box, and I may have screamed at this one when I saw it! I LOVE tote bags (even though I’m always scared to use them), and the quote on this bag is one of my all time favourites from the series. I also love how it has what is now the universal symbol us SJMaas fans have for Velaris!

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Feysand Print by Charlie Bowater

THIS PRINT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I knew there was going to be a Charlie Bowater piece when I ordered the box, and I was extremely excited when I got to the bottom of the box and found that the print was one of my favourite pieces of art by her. I love all of Charlie’s work, but I feel like this one shows the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court so perfectly. I also think it’s so frickin’ cool that they based Feyre’s ACOWAR cover dress off of the dress in this piece! My print is already framed and standing proudly in my room where I can see it at all times!

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Baby Rhys Sticker by Taratjah

This sticker is so adorable and has been one of my favourite pieces of Tara’s for a long time, so I may have squealed when I saw I had my own sticker of baby Rhys! It may stay in the box forever though since I’m too scared to make the commitment to using it (although I am thinking I might stick it on my next MacBook so I have Rhys to keep me motivated while writing).


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Ribbon Bookmark by Charmed Fiction on Etsy

This is the bookmark that I’ve chosen to use while reading the novel, since I know I won’t be able to accidentally bend it in my excitement and clumsiness while reading the book. I love that it matches the cover of ACOWAR and has a nod to the title with the wings, as well as the Night Court with the stars. It hangs really nicely in the book, and is perfect for scrunching in my fist when ACOWAR gets intense and I can’t deal.


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Quote Badge by Evie Bookish

I’m very tempted to pin this on the tote bag, but at the same time I’m kind of scared it might fall off somehow since it’s so beautiful. I’ve loved Evie’s designs ever since I came across them on Bookstagram, and I recognized her style as soon as I saw this piece. It’s so beautiful and even though I haven’t come across the quote yet in the book, the quote is wonderful even without having any context. I can’t wait to eventually get the courage to pin it on something and show it off to the world!

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Bloomsbury TOG/ACOTAR Series Bookmark

This is just a nice sturdy bookmark that I think is the official Bloomsbury publishing bookmark for both of Sarah’s Series. It has the ACOTAR series covers and info on one side, then the Throne of Glass info and covers on the other side.

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The YA Chronicles “What’s in the Box” card and Box Bookmark

This is just the little card, which tells you what’s in the box, and the themed bookmark for the box. I love how they do a YA Chronicles Bookmark with each box, and I really love the design of the bookmark for this box. I think it matched ACOWAR perfectly.


That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed my little unboxing of this amazing ACOWAR box. The YA Chronicles do a themed box every month as well with a mystery book and goodies, plus they also now have preorders up for their Tower of Dawn box, so if you liked the look of this box, I would definitely check that out!



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