June Favourites

It’s favourites time again, you all know what this means, so let’s just get into it because I have no idea what to write right now!


Crop Hydrating Daily Facial Moisturiser

I hate moisturizing. I like the idea of it, and of looking after your body and skin and all that, but I hate the sticky feel of moisturizer. This was made even worse by the fact that my facial moisturizer has some sunscreen in it, which in theory is good, but when I’m using it when I’m not in the sun and using it at night, that slight sunscreen smell is awful. But! I’ve been trying to look after myself a bit more lately so I got my mum to pick me up a new moisturizer for my face since I don’t actually go in the sun enough to use the one with sunscreen (I’m trying to work on that as well).

She picked me up this Crop Facial Moisturizer and I’ve been in love ever since. The packaging is lovely and it just all feels really natural and nice. The moisturizer leaves my skin feeling really smooth and soft, but it dries really quickly so I’m not left with that yucky sticky feeling. Plus it doesn’t smell like moisturizer, but instead lemongrass and some other lovely oils, so I actually want to put it on my face. I definitely recommend this if you hate moisturizing like I do.


Staedtler Pigment Liners

I am a left handed writer with a very weird pen grip, which means I am forever smudging words as I am writing them on a page. Hence, my never-ending search for pens that don’t smudge. And I think I’ve found one. I do a lot of bullet journaling and the Staedtler pigment liners have been my go to black pen all month because they don’t smudge at all for me, even with my weird leftiness. I think it might partly be because the pens are waterproof so they possibly dry quite quickly and don’t react to my slightly sweaty hand as I’m writing fast? I don’t know I’m just guessing as to why this pen is so magical, but I’m thankful it is. It’s also a really nice inky black, writes smoothly and doesn’t run out quickly, plus it comes in different thicknesses, which is perfect for different types of writing projects.



I have finally got on board the Riverdale train this month and I have to admit I am loving it. My mum and I needed something new to watch together this month so decided to watch this. We have a couple of episodes left to go and are constantly second guessing ourselves as to ‘who done it’. It’s such a quirky, unique show in the fact that it feels retro but is modern. Kind of like it’s in it’s own little bubble. For me it almost feels like a production style combination of Stranger Things and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Just in the way it feels and has that difference from other shows. Currently my two favourite characters are Veronica and Jughead. I want to be Veronica and just want to give Jughead a hug. Cheryl is also growing on me. Also, do any of you think that the guy who plays Archie would play the perfect Kell from ADSOM? I can’t get it out of my head!


Not many favourites this month since it was a bit of a strange month for me (I’ll explain in my wrap up), but I did talk quite a bit about each of them so I guess that makes up for it. Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments anything you’ve been loving this month.


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