Top Wednesday June 28th- Favourite Hate to Love Ships

It’s Top 5 Wednesday time again, which means a happy (and sometimes slightly stressful) blog post writing time for me! I’ve been a bit absent with Top 5 Wednesday this month as well as my blog but I’ll share a bit more about why I’ve been away in my monthly wrap up. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday was thankfully very easy for me to answer and as soon as I saw the topic I already had several answers in mind. The topic this week is Favourite Hate to Love Ships so lets get into it!

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Yeva and the Beast from Hunted by Meagan Spooner

I recently read Hunted and loved it. It’s a really unique Beauty and the Beast retelling and of course in all Beauty and the Beast novels the main characters go from hate to love. The relationship between Yeva and the Beast was done really well, and is one of my favourite BATB retelling relationships because of how slow their relationship went. It took over a year for them to realize their feelings, so it was very realistic, as they went from hate to acceptance to friendship to love.


Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

These two are such a classic when it comes to the whole hate to love thing, since they were definitely one of the first couple in YA who went through that. Although for quite a bit of City of Bones they hated each other, I still really wanted them to be together, and once they got passed it, they still had so many ups and downs throughout the six books. I still love them as a couple though, and I think I always will because of how much the Shadowhunter books mean to me, and how long I’ve been reading them now.


Nina and Matthias from the Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo

Nina and Matthias absolutely loathed each other, even before they met, because they were on completely opposite sides of a war and stood for different things. Once they met, the hate got even worse, but since they were stuck together they got to know each other and realised they were both pretty similar and formed a really close friendship. Then things happened and the hate started up again, but they got through that as well, and are one of my favourite ships in the history of ever. The way they still joke and laugh about some of the things that happened between them, and how they always have each other’s backs, just makes their love so sweet and realistic. And they don’t just forget about the fact that they used to be enemies, they are still growing and learning from it, and that just warms my heart.

 Unknown 2

Cassian and Nesta from the ACOTAR Series by Sarah J Maas

I think I used these two in my last Top 5 Wednesday, but that’s okay because they really fit into today’s topic. Cassian and Nesta make me laugh so hard with the way they started off hating each other and daring the other one to make comments or rise to the bait of remarks. And then they sort of got past the hate stage but still completely avoided each other because I don’t think either of them knew what would happen if they actually looked each other in the eye and spoke like normal people. When they were forced to interact they still acted like they hated each other, but you could tell that they were really starting to warm to the other and actually really cared about them, in their own individual strange ways. In ACOWAR we sort of see how they start to confide in each other and interact more openly, but it’s still very slow and I’m not sure they’ve quite reached the love stage, but I’m hoping they’ll get there in the next couple of ACOTAR books. I really love this ship, and I want to see it properly sail!


August and Kate from This Savage Song by V.E.Schwab

I recently read This Savage Song, and although August and Kate haven’t really reached love yet, they definitely hated each other when they first found out who the other was, and they were forced to work together anyway. Slowly though they started opening up to each other and formed such a deep care and friendship. I’m really excited to see how their relationship progresses in Our Dark Duet, given all the things that go down at the end of This Savage Song.


That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday (well, Saturday, sorry I’m late). I hope you enjoyed this topic and my answers, let me know in the comments some of your favourite Hate to Love ships.


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