Top 5 Wednesday June 14th- Favourite Side Ships

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile, I haven’t been feeling great but I’m back now! I didn’t get a chance to do last week’s Top 5 Wednesday (I will at some point catch up in the next few weeks), but I am so excited about this week’s topic of favourite side ships! There are so many to choose from and I think I’m going to struggle to narrow it down in this post. I know it’s going to be fun to write though, so let’s get into it! Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday June 14th- Favourite Side Ships”

Top 5 Wednesday May 31st- Fandoms I’m No Longer In

Although there are a lot of fandoms I’m not in anymore, it was really hard to define this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, since I do usually still keep tabs on the fandoms that I don’t love as much as I use to. I also found that a lot of the ones I thought of were TV shows, and I like to keep T5W to books. I also wasn’t sure if any of these were full on fandoms, but in the end I decided to just roll with what I had since if I thought it fit for me, then that was good enough. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday May 31st- Fandoms I’m No Longer In”

The YA Chronicles ACOWAR Unboxing

So the long wait is finally over and ACOWAR is here!!! (Queue trumpets and fireworks and marching bands). To celebrate my most anticipated day and release of the year, I ordered The YA Chronicles special ACOWAR box back in January (I got in before it sold out like crazy). The box had the book in it of course, and several goodies all related purely to this amazing series.

Continue reading “The YA Chronicles ACOWAR Unboxing”