Goodbye June…

I can’t believe half of 2017 is already gone??!! How did this happen??!! On one level it’s kind of stressing me out, but on the other it has gone sort of slowly at the same time and I have achieved quite a bit so far in 2017. Plus it is now less than 6 months till Christmas, which may play a part in my okay-ness with the time flying because I friggin love Christmas. Anyways, I’m supposed to be talking about June, so let’s get into this wrap up! Continue reading “Goodbye June…”

Spoonie Sunday: How to Read More as a Spoonie

As a person I love to read. Reading is basically my number one hobby and the love of my life. Unfortunately, when you’re a spoonie, brain fog, fatigue and pain can make reading very hard. I also know a lot of other spoonies that love to read but have trouble, so I thought I would share some of the tips I’ve acquired over the past few years of how to read more as a spoonie. I’m sure these tips would also work for anyone who struggles to read sometimes as well. Continue reading “Spoonie Sunday: How to Read More as a Spoonie”

Top Wednesday June 28th- Favourite Hate to Love Ships

It’s Top 5 Wednesday time again, which means a happy (and sometimes slightly stressful) blog post writing time for me! I’ve been a bit absent with Top 5 Wednesday this month as well as my blog but I’ll share a bit more about why I’ve been away in my monthly wrap up. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday was thankfully very easy for me to answer and as soon as I saw the topic I already had several answers in mind. The topic this week is Favourite Hate to Love Ships so lets get into it! Continue reading “Top Wednesday June 28th- Favourite Hate to Love Ships”