18 Things I’ve Learned from 18 Years of Living

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! And it’s a kind of important number, because in the eyes of society I am now an adult! But don’t let it fool you, I’m currently writing this post wearing snoopy pyjamas and listening to Disney music, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about becoming too serious any time soon. Continue reading “18 Things I’ve Learned from 18 Years of Living”

My Top 18 Quotes

Quotes are things that I have always turned to for inspiration in every part of my life. Whether that is quotes on travel, happiness, grief, or even quotes about music and books. I have been collecting quotes since I knew what they were, and have found them in all sorts of places like books, movies, songs, Pinterest, and even in weird places like museum pamphlets or on billboards when I’m travelling. I love them and think they are very important to have if you need wise words when no one else will give them to. Continue reading “My Top 18 Quotes”

Late Night Musings: On Changing the World

People are always talking about how you need to do something with your life that will make a difference to the world and change it, something that will last for a long time. This can be really intimidating because the first thing that your mind jumps to is being a life saving doctor, or inventing something to save third world countries. This doesn’t have to be the case though. You can still change the world but in your own quiet, just as strong way. Continue reading “Late Night Musings: On Changing the World”

February Favourites

Helloooooooo! Welcome back to another favourites post! (Not going to lie, I almost just wrote video, because I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately, but thank god you guys don’t actually have to watch and hear me talk about all this stuff). Anyway, rambling aside, I normally have quite a bit of variety in my favourites posts, but I suspect this one will be very limited to food, music and movies, so click out of this post now if you don’t like those things. Continue reading “February Favourites”

Body Positivity: It Doesn’t Matter What the Number Is

As a woman, there’s a lot of pressure and focus put on weight and dress sizes these days, and I hate it. Recently I’ve been battling a bit with my body, but I’ve found body positivity and I think I’m slowly starting to ignore society’s beliefs of what is wrong and what is right. I think I want to start doing some more body positive posts on my blog, but for today, I wanted to talk about dress sizes and how they make us feel. Continue reading “Body Positivity: It Doesn’t Matter What the Number Is”

2017 End of Year Favourites

Hello everyone, my anxiety is really bad right now, so I thought I would write out one of my favourite types of posts to ground me a bit, and that is a favourites post! I didn’t right a monthly favourites post in the last couple of months of 2017, so I thought I would do a post listing my favourite things from the end of the year instead. Continue reading “2017 End of Year Favourites”