17 Bits of Wisdom, From 17 Years of Life

Guess what! Today is my birthday! Yay! I’m really looking forward to spending it with my family, eating lots of yummy food, and feeling like a queen! It also means that I’m another year older, and another year wiser, so today I thought I would share with you 17 bits of wisdom that I’ve learned from 17 years of being alive. Continue reading “17 Bits of Wisdom, From 17 Years of Life”

Spoonie Sunday- DIY Happiness Jar

As a Spoonie, a lot of stuff in life can suck. There is almost always some part of your body that is in pain, and there are a lot of things you miss out on and can’t do. It can be so easy to focus on these things, which can drag you down.

A couple of years ago my Auntie gave me a happiness jar and I loved using it last year, and have already started this year, so I thought I would tell you guys how to make one today. Continue reading “Spoonie Sunday- DIY Happiness Jar”