Top 5 Wednesday October 25th- Non-Horror Books that Scared You

Hello everybody! I’m currently waiting to start the new business certificate I’m taking (it’s kind of like a short uni program) and I’m pretty anxious about how today’s going to go. Anyways, it’s Top 5 Wednesday day, and the topic is non horror books that scared you! I actually never read horror, but there have been quite a few books in other genre’s that have brought chills to my skin with the themes and scenes (Ooo that rhymes!), so let’s get into them. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday October 25th- Non-Horror Books that Scared You”

Top 5 Wednesday October 11th- Favourite Creepy Settings

I just want to take a moment to share how cozy I feel right now writing this post. It’s late at night so the world is quiet, I’m in an Incredible Hulk t-shirt to keep me inspired (and comfy), I have my glasses on so I can actually sort of see, and I have chocolates to fuel me.

Anyways, I just thought I would share that since it made me happy, but let’s get into today’s Top 5 Wednesday! The topic today is ‘Favourite Creepy Settings’, and I had a tought time deciding whether to use generic things that creep me out in books, or more specific scenes. I’ve decided to go with generic, because there’s a topic later in the month that I can use my other idea for, so let’s get into this. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday October 11th- Favourite Creepy Settings”

Top 5 Wednesday October 4th- Which Witch is Which? (Books with Witches)

This month’s top 5 Wednesday are all Halloween related and I am so excited! I really love everything about Halloween, but in Australia, we don’t really have it at all, so any chance I get to celebrate, I jump on! Today’s topic is books with witches, which (see what I did there?) has me especially excited, because I really love witches and think they are extremely underrated. There really aren’t enough books that have them, but those that do all present them so differently which I love (see I did it again). Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday October 4th- Which Witch is Which? (Books with Witches)”

Top 5 Wednesday- My Favourite Bromances

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today I’m back with another Top 5 Wednesday, but I’m not going to do the topic that was actually set for today, since I’m in the mood to do one I missed out on from last month (and today’s actual topic didn’t interest me as much)!

I’m going to talk about my favourite fictional bromances, specifically guy friendships that I love (does the word ‘bromance’ include girls as well? I’m feeling very confused and surprised that I actually don’t know the answer. I’m just going to roll with it today). Anywho, let’s just get into the post before I run away with my rambling. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday- My Favourite Bromances”

Top Wednesday June 28th- Favourite Hate to Love Ships

It’s Top 5 Wednesday time again, which means a happy (and sometimes slightly stressful) blog post writing time for me! I’ve been a bit absent with Top 5 Wednesday this month as well as my blog but I’ll share a bit more about why I’ve been away in my monthly wrap up. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday was thankfully very easy for me to answer and as soon as I saw the topic I already had several answers in mind. The topic this week is Favourite Hate to Love Ships so lets get into it! Continue reading “Top Wednesday June 28th- Favourite Hate to Love Ships”

Top 5 Wednesday June 14th- Favourite Side Ships

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile, I haven’t been feeling great but I’m back now! I didn’t get a chance to do last week’s Top 5 Wednesday (I will at some point catch up in the next few weeks), but I am so excited about this week’s topic of favourite side ships! There are so many to choose from and I think I’m going to struggle to narrow it down in this post. I know it’s going to be fun to write though, so let’s get into it! Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday June 14th- Favourite Side Ships”

Top 5 Wednesday May 31st- Fandoms I’m No Longer In

Although there are a lot of fandoms I’m not in anymore, it was really hard to define this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, since I do usually still keep tabs on the fandoms that I don’t love as much as I use to. I also found that a lot of the ones I thought of were TV shows, and I like to keep T5W to books. I also wasn’t sure if any of these were full on fandoms, but in the end I decided to just roll with what I had since if I thought it fit for me, then that was good enough. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday May 31st- Fandoms I’m No Longer In”